How to Make a Layered Necklace

Add an extra boost of complexity to your necklaces with layers!

Time: 20 min
Skill Level: Intermediate

In this fun tutorial, we'll teach you how to make your own layered necklace. It is not as hard as you think, but it will take a little bit of focus. Feel free to substitute your own materials to create a unique design!

Things You'll Need

  • White Bone Beads
  • Copper Bicone Beads
  • Brass Bicone Beads
  • Silver Bicone Beads
  • Large Silver Ball Beads
  • Black & White Bone Beads
  • Large Striped Ball Brass Beads
  • Brass Spacer Discs
  • Small Crimps
  • Brass Jump Rings
  • .015 Tiger Tail Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Small Crimpers

Step by Step Instructions

1 Cut 27 Inches of Tiger Tail

Layout your pattern and cut 27 inches of Tiger Tail. This will be used for the neck piece of your necklace.

2 Cut Tiger Tail for Layers

Next, cut Tiger Tail for each layer of the necklace:
10” inches for the first top layer
14” inches for the second layer
16” inches for the third layer

3 Bead the Long Thread

Bead 22 inches of large silver ball beads on your longest thread of Tiger Tail

After you're done beading, set it aside to begin working on the layers.

4 Bead the Layers

Bead the patterns for your layers:
10 inch Tiger Tail: Bead up to 7 ½ inches (White Seed Beads And Brass Bicones)
14 inch Tiger Tail: bead up to 9 ½ inches (White Seed Beads and Copper Bicones)
16” inch Tiger Tail: bead up to 12 inches (White Seed Beads and Silver Bicones)
Lay them consecutively to each other, in order of length.

5 Join the Layers

Bead all the ends of the layers through a simple pattern. We used Brass Spacer Discs, a Large Striped Ball Brass bead, and more Brass Spacer Discs. This should be repeated two times, so that both ends of the necklace have been joined.

6 Prepare the Crimp

Insert all three layers of the Tiger Tail through the crimp

...then the jump ring

7 Fold & Pass

Fold over the Tiger Tail and thread it back through the same crimp.

8 Crimp Side #1

Position the pliers around the crimp.

Crush the crimp.

Crush the same crimp from the other side, folding it in the other direction.

9 Crimp Side #2

Hold the strand upside down so that all of the beads go towards the closed crimp. Repeat Step #6 to position the crimp. Then repeat #7, while making sure the crimp is snug against the beads before closing it.

10 Insert & Cut

Insert the loose strands of the tiger tail back through the end-beads (metal disk and striped brass bead).

Cut underneath the bead for a clean finish.

11 Connect the Top and Bottom Pieces

Pass the tiger tail from the end of the top neck piece, through the jump ring on the bottom layered piece and wrap it around.

Place a crimp over the doubled tigertail.

Adjust the two pieces of the necklace so that they are pulled tightly together, then crush the crimp.

Repeat Step #11 for the second side of the necklace.

12 Hide and Cut Extra Wire

On each side of the necklace, pass the extra wire back through some beads and cut the extra slack so that it is fully hidden.

13 Enjoy!

Congratulations -- you're done.. Enjoy your new necklace!

Tips & Advice


How did your layered necklace turn out? Share any tips and feedback with your fellow beaders in the comments below!

About the Materials

In this tutorial, we use the following lines:

  • Ethiopian metal beads from the northern region of Ethiopia
  • Batik bone beads from Kenya
  • Ghana brass beads

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