How to Make A Beaded Friendship Bracelet

Surprise your friends by making them a special friendship bracelet

Time: 15 min
Skill Level: Intermediate

There are many versions of the friendship bracelet but originally it is a piece of jewelry that a friend made. It can be made with anything, originally it is simply stringing beads with simple knots and attached by tying the jewelry on a friend's wrists or creating a simple loop latched onto a bigger bead. The friendship bracelet has evolved from then since, now created with more intricate techniques. For those who want a more simpler fast way to gift to friends here is a simple tutorial.

Things You'll Need

  • 1.0 mm Waxed Cotton
  • African Glass Waist Seed Beads
  • Brass African Bicones
  • Brass African Ball Bead
  • Ruler
  • Wire Cutters (Scissors)

Step by Step Instructions

1 Cut Waxed Cord To Measure

Measure 12 inches of waxed cotton cord and cut.

2 Insert the Brass African Ball Bead

Grab one large African brass ball bead and insert on one side of the 12 inch waxed cotton cord.

3 Preparing a Ball Toggle

At the end of the waxed cotton cord, measure in 2 inches to create African brass ball bead into a ball toggle.

4 Pin Into Place

Pinch into place the African brass ball bead into place after measuring the 2 inches.

5 Looping the Ball Toggle

Criss Cross the long cord and short cord together.

Create loop with the shorter cord.

Insert short end cord into the loop.

Tighten knot securely, do provide a small slack between the knot and the bead.

6 Create Your Pattern

Establish the pattern and beads you want to use for the friendship bracelet by laying it out on your working table. Creating the pattern of your beaded bracelet will save you time, it will also give you a chance to think about the meaningful beads you want to include into the bracelet.

7 Preparing The End Loop

From the last beaded bead on the bracelet measure up ½ inch and create a loop.

Pinch this placement with your finger

Test and see if this loop is enough to fit into the African ball bead.

Make adjustment when necessary. Look for the tension and hold of the loop on the brass African ball bead, this should not fall out of the loop when testing.

8 Knotting the Loop Into Place

Once the end loop is established, pinch this placement with your finger and start to create a loop around the beaded part of the bracelet with the shorter left over string.

9 Creating Knot To Secure Loop

Insert the end back into the loop to create a knot.

Tighten the knot.

10 Creating Adjustments

Test and see the parts and the components of the end loop knots, and ball toggle are in perfect tension and secure. Adjust when necessary.

11 Clean Finishing

Depending on the beads you use, hide the ends of the leftover strings into the beads. Put the ends of the left over ends of the waxed cord into the bead next to the knot you created on both sides.

Pull and tug on the excess string to make sure all extra cording are through the bead.

Cut the extra wax cotton cord closely under the bead.

12 Surprise Your Friend With Their New Friendship Bracelet.

Tips & Advice

  • Friendship bracelets can be done with any materials and beads, it is about the materials that hold special meaning, many use a piece of shirting for string because it holds a special moment between friends, so don't be afraid to experiment with your friendship bracelet.


Take a photo of your friend wearing the friendship bracelet you made for them and share it with us and let us know what makes your friend extra special.

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