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For hundreds of years carnelian has been regarded as an attractive stone of luxury. Carnelian is a semi-precious gemstone made up of a mixture of chalcedony and silica minerals. In the modern day carnelian is most commonly found and mined from places like Brazil, India, Serbia and Germany. The use of carnelian stone and stone beads in jewelry making has been around since the early neolithic era. Carnelian initially become popular sometime between the 4th and 5th BC. millenium. Ancient artifacts and jewelry with carnelian have been recovered from dig sites all over the world. From Bulgaria to Crete and from Syria to Malaysia you can find carnelian stones adorning various rings plates, goblets and necklaces. Many ancient Assyrian seals and Egyptian scarabs are decorated with carnelian gemstones. In ancient Hebrew culture well respected high priest’s would wear breastplates decorated with carnelian.

Here at The Bead Chest we are at no shortage of amazing carnelian stone beads! With so many cuts, shapes and hues of carnelian stone beads to choose from you’re going to have a hard time making up your mind. From our dark orange shades of carnelian stone beads to our brown tone carnelian beads we have great options for you and your distinctive jewelry designs. 

Carnelian is an extremely popular stone amongst new age circles because it's many beneficial metaphysical healing properties. Carnelian is commonly referred to as the stone of confidence. Carnelian is worn and used by many popular artist and performers, such as, the singer Adele! Carnelian is said to not only boost one's self-confidence but it also boosts one's courage from inside. When you need to show the world the best side of yourself make sure you’re wearing some carnelian. Carnelian is also said to aid in coordination when exercising and can help motivate one to keep at it and to keep pushing harder when working out. Carnelian is full of high energy and can help in stimulating the metabolism. Carnelian activates the sacral chakra and can help one in centering the point of gravity within their body. Carnelian is also well known to be an excellent talisman of success and good luck and is worn by many business owners and independent artists.

With a multitude of inspiring and positive influences carnelian stone beads make for the perfect accent piece for any of your jewelry designs. A carnelian bracelet or necklace makes such a thoughtful gift for a loved one! So please take your time browsing our curated section of carnelian stone beads. We hope you find an amazing strand for your personal collection.