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Glamour, mystery, fashion, magic and fierceness. These are all things connected the dark and beautiful shade of black. Looking to channel your inner sophistication and formality? You’ve come to the right place! Our black beads are going to have you looking more strong and powerful in no time. With shades from ebony to obsidian, onyx to jet black, from coal to soot, from leather to sable and from midnight to ink black our surplus in black beads and jewelry will have you and your jewelry designs looking flawless.

In many cultures black symbolizes inner magic, luck, restfulness, mystery and possibilities. In the Middle East black often represents rebirth. In Africa black symbolizes age, maturity and masculinity. In Latin America and South America black also indicates masculinity. In East Asian cultures black is often a color given to young boys and girls to wear. Black is usually connected to good health and prosperity. In Japan black symbolizes feminine energy and mystery. In India black sometimes represents rebellion from the norm. In rural areas of Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Greece and Italy family members of the deceased with wear the color black for a long period of time to honor their loved ones. In Aztec culture black obsidian glass was used to make swords ands spears. It was also a the cultures symbol of religion and theirs wore black exclusively. In England funnily enough having a black cat cross your path is actually considered good luck!

We at The Bead Chest are particularly drawn to the polished and strong energy associated with black and we have an ample amount of great black bead options to choose from. Wanting to add a dark natural feel to your next jewelry creation? Look no farther than our beautiful shapes and sizes of black volcanic lava beads. Is your next jewelry collection focused on being clean and fashionable? Our reflective black glass bead strands from Ghana are the perfect choice! Wanting incorporate a skull into your next bracelet or necklace? Well then you have to check out out black howlite skull beads! From our black natural shell heishi to our black wooden beads from Asia, from our black recycled glass beads from West Africa to our remarkable black Afghani tribal seed beads we have great options for you and your phenomenal jewelry designs.


With our black beads you really can’t go wrong. Go ahead take a dive into the mysterious color of black and convey that sophisticated message and tone you’ve always wanted to with your jewelry designs!