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Bauxite Beads

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Bauxite is a type of aluminium ore. All African bauxite beads are hand made and drilled, making these beads very labor demanding. Bauxite beads like these have been imported from Africa for decades. What attracts most buyers to them is their beautiful natural color.

This beautiful strand of African Bauxite trade beads is in great condition. The necklace is about 24-27" long. The size of the beads vary from strand to strand. The beads are approximately 6-10mm in diameter This is a real authentic strand at an affordable price!
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The service was pain free and timely. No un-necessary packaging, than you. No un-necessary emails.
Definitely recommendable.
Florence Nash July 28, 2012
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  • Item Specifications

    Strand Length: 24" - 26"
    Total Beads: 140
    Hole Size: 1mm
    Bead Size: 4-6 x 5-8mm diameter
    SKU: BAUXITE-201